22 January 2010

Assembly table

Looking for working surfaces in my chop, I found the assembly table of Garry Katz. It is based on the Smart Table  I think it can be interesting as it offers something like an assembly table combined with a cutting table.  By lack of a table saw, a cutting table that is extendible to the full size of a piece of mdf or plywood is interesting.

Shopnotes proposes a lightweight wooden folding worktable.  That could be a good starting point for the base of an assembly table.  I want to conceive one that is build with a single sheet of 12 mm plywood and a few extra's, like the base of the legs for example can best be made of hardwood. With 12 mm plywood I think it is just possible to use a biscuit joiner.  The most difficult part seems now to make the folding legs working correctly.

For the top rails I think that inversed T's cut as a french cleat system can deliver a cheap solution,  without the need of a large amount of hardware.